unit converter unitconverted.com case study

Case Study



The goal of the project

The goal of this project was to design and build an application. I chose to develop a unit converter from scratch. I wanted to challenge myself and build an application, which would be difficult for any novice programmer.

I did my best and worked diligently to accomplish this project. I am aware that this app could have been done better however, this is my first project ever done completely by myself - being a total JS beginner 😉.

What is UnitConverted.com

UnitConverted.com is a free unit converter where you can easily convert all common types of units: length, temperature, area, volume, weight, time, and speed. It is a super helpful tool if you expect to have some units converted fast. In addition, you can read the definitions of each unit with direct reference to scientific sources.


  • - Xd
  • - Ai
  • - HTML5
  • - JavaScript

Project timeline

I was excited to develop my first web application after just 1 month of learning JavaScript - actually my first programming language. The entire application development process went successfully as intended. However, this was a constant work.

project timeline unitconverted.com

Programming problems to solve

  • - program the category search filter
  • - write functions that will convert a user input value and return converted value when the "convert" button is clicked
  • - program select options so a user can change units easily in the app's interface
  • - access DOM elements to display dynamically a calculation result and formula of calculation on the screen

General designing concepts

  • - dark color scheme
  • - modern and clean UI
  • - easy to navigate interface
  • - design that is memorable and stands out from competing applications
unitconverted.com user interface unitconverted.com color scheme and fonts

Overal feelings

I am happy that I was able to write my first application. It is not something innovative, but it is mine, from A to Z designed and coded by me. I am aware that it could be coded way better so I hope to come back to this project one day and refactor this spaghetti code 🍝.

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